The Whole Heart: 6-Week Masterclass with Dr. Joel Kahn



The Whole Heart Masterclass: Minimizing total heart disease risk the easy natural way online master class, is an exclusive opportunity to dive deep into the world of cardiovascular health and equip yourself with invaluable knowledge and strategies to safeguard your heart.

The 6-week master class (with question and answer with Dr. Joel Kahn) will include the following:

  •   Understanding heart labs​
  •   Understanding heart testing​
  •   Reversing heart disease with nutrition​
  •   Reversing heart disease with supplements​
  •   Reversing heart disease with sleep and exercise​
  •   How to live heart attack free​

This comprehensive master class goes beyond the surface to provide you with a holistic understanding of total heart disease risk. Learn how to evaluate and assess your own unique cardiac risk profile with precision. Uncover effective strategies for reducing total heart disease risk through lifestyle modifications, supplements, and targeted heart testing.